Everyone is going Green, so decorate your life with the #1 selling artist in the world.

Wyland has devoted his entire life to raise awareness and crucial funds for our life-giving oceans. Plunge into this visual display of his undersea universe and glimpse the raw power he brings to paintings, sculptures and photography.

Wyland Gallery also offers an acclaimined group of featured artists duly committed to his environmental efforts.

This Lake Tahoe Gallery combines flair with commitment to the world around us.

Untamed Art hosts a number of contemporary and wildlife artists working extremely varied mediums: glass, aluminum, recycled wood, gold leafing and timeless oil on canvas.

You will be awed by the variety and innovation, because whether you prefer the realistic or abstract, Untamed Art offers up the undeniable beauty of the Human Spirit living artistically.

Friday & Saturday
June 28th - 29th (5-9pm)
Walfrido & Wight
Friday, Saturday & Sunday
July 19th - 21st
Jim Warren
Friday, July 26th (5-8pm)
Saturday, July 27th (2-6pm)

Saturday, July 28th (1-5pm)
Fabio Napoleoni
Exclusive to Signature Gallery Group
"I Listened"

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